Chen Style Tai Chi in Ottawa

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The original Tai Chi style, from the family which created it

Tai Chi was created by Chen Wangting in 1644 d.C.
We bring to Ottawa the original style, as taught by Master Chen Yingjun, 20th generation direct descendant of the creator of Tai Chi.

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Tai Chi you'll actually learn.

We will teach you precisely and with great care. Our teaching system was developed and tested by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang through 25 years of seminars in 35 countries. Thousands of students have learned what Tai Chi gracious movements mean, how to get those famous benefits from them, and how to perfect them by practice.

Tai Chi is movement science

Milemnia of empiric research by countless generations of Chinese Qigong and Meditation experts and sages have been condensed in Tai Chi. However poetic the Tai Chi vocabulary is, there is a pratical, concrete meaning that we will convey to you.

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Tai Chi will lead to you meditation. By following the natural laws of Yin and Yang, you body will offer the neccessary conditions for natural meditation, without the need to force the mind into overexertion. Give youtself the time to calm down and find silence.

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Move Well, Feel Well

Tai Chi is built on top of Chinese Medicine theory. That's why academic research shows Tai Chi can be beneficial for your health both in the short and long term. Tai Chi is adaptable to almost any fitness level, and as long as your doctor clears you for practice, we'll guide you.

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  • Image “Tai Chi completely change my life. I used to be a stressed and anxious guy who frequently didn’t know how to keep focus and solve problems in everyday life. I became stronger, healthier and mentally more balanced after I started practicing Tai Chi. I strongly recommend Eduardo and I’m very thankful for having had the opportunity of learning Tai Chi Chen Style with him.”
    Rafael Mazurek
    Production Engineer
  • Image “Eduardo is a highly skilled Tai Chi teacher, as he received direct teachings from the Chen family, especially Master Yingjun. I trained with Eduardo for three years and witnessed his dedication and irreprehensible moral conduct.”
    Patricia Przybylski
  • Image “Having had experience with several Tai Chi teachers of different styles, I can say Eduardo was by far the best and most skillful teacher I had for Tai Chi lessons on a weekly basis. He has an extraordinary sensitivity for the personal development, and he is very careful and patient to accompany this process with each student.”
    Oliver Lorscheid
    Math Professor

Chen Yingjun


Chen Yingjun is a 20th generation heir of the Chen family from Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Tai Chi. His ancestor Chen Wangting created Tai Chi., and he has been raised to be a Master and practices since 2 years old.


Eduardo Molon


I have more than 20 years experience learning and teaching Tai Chi. I've lived in China and travelled to 5 other countries to learn Tai Chi from Master Chen Yingjun, since 1998. I started teaching 10 years ago, and I have trained numerous Tai Chi instructors and hundreds of students.

Phone: +613 501 4016

Call or write me, I endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. Full schedule here.

Ottawa Centretown
at The Glebe

816 Bank Street
in the Fourth Ave Baptist Church hall

beginners: Tue & Thurs 6:30 to 7:30 pm
intermediate: Tue 7:45 to 9 pm

Ottawa West End

1000 Byron Ave
in the Ukranian Banquet Hall

Class starts on May 1st
beginners: Mon & Wed 6:30 to 7:30 pm